Released in conjunction with two new music videos for 'Satyr & Slattern' and 'Sutures', on YouTube, directed by Jeff Allyn Szwast:

'Gulag' marks the fifth album in the Giving The Table A Name series, making a sharp turn into a darker neighborhood. It's an exhibition of parables with questionable morals, of characters with questionable morals. A study on the macabre, the unspoken, and the maladjusted. A descent into downward spiral. Glimpses into manipulation, paranoia, indignities, love, and sexual indiscretions.

Recorded in Brooklyn, NY, 'Gulag' makes use of two distorted basses, giving their soliloquies over heavily punctuating drums, and narrated by haunting two-, three-, and sometimes four-part harmonies, flourished with skeptical acoustic guitars and molested electrics.


released July 13, 2012



all rights reserved


THE BERIBERI Brooklyn, New York

THE BERIBERI is an avant-indie/dream-sludge project.

Also known as:
GIVING THE TABLE A NAME circa 2002-2013

Jeff Allyn Szwast

"Epiglottis (Leak)" by GTTAN in Diana Scheunemann's 2010 documentary LOVE AMERICAN SKIN

Animation shorts ANGEL LUST and MONKEY AND MON KAUR, by visual artist Suneet Sethi.
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Track Name: Corpus Delicti
all the ugly things
look for where to go
you are the blood
in my skin and bones

all pretty things
find a where to go
will you be the blood
to my skin and bones?

reel me in
throw me back
one day i'll be the right weight
i'll be big enough for you to maybe keep
i am not the middle one
i am frozen at the end
of a bottle of piss
drinking with the wrong hand

all the living things
look for where to go
let me be the blood
to your skin and bones

all the ugly things
Track Name: Satyr & Slattern
again another night bleeding
came back the door was open

haunting blurring
water goes down molding
i wake up choking on a sock
and tethered to the radiator

there is no safeword
you're not so safe

for you i'll leave the door open
bolts on top of bolts
reduce the ventilation

we can't turn it off or move
the perforations off of the floor
Track Name: Sutures
you're so edible
lay the candy out
on the tabletop

seeping out the sides
of the mortuary
leaking in the ground
in the reservoir

you're poisoning the drinks

now your pulmonaries
are turning into
something edible
something in the food

you're poisoning the drinks
Track Name: Poltroon
don't you lick yourself to death
how'd you get to be so small?

a little mouth necklace you wear
we can see it through your shirt
belching outline of a noose

cul-de-sac burned down by your house
you don't mean anything you say
vomit on the floor leads to the
plate where you sat hours ago
you want to go down on yourself
don't you rape yourself to death
Track Name: Festooned With Our Garments
salesman at the door
he's not coming in
he's not selling me something i've not seen before
i don't owe him an answer

in a small remainder
we'd infect the rest
punching me in the head
it don't feel anymore
the black and the white of my eyes

wind-y and narrow the staircase
and cold in the cellar
and it won't be so pretty to see
when the owners return to find
all of our clothes on the trellis
they'll find all of our clothes on the trellis

in a coffin we'll end up together
Track Name: Sputum
you'll have to trash the whole damn thing
once you get it back
the buttons won't go back into their place

wires poking out through all holes
a red opaque fluid at the base

did you forget the sign language for choking?
it's not your hands around the fleshy of my neck

now i'm just a veneer

knifing the place in the sheets
where he laid
will not make you feel better

nobody's from around here
they've only seen it in the pictures
Track Name: Beriberi
the room is smaller
the line is longer
the sky is darker

i hope you answer
swollen letters
lipstick starts to pour from the envelope
i've a few more days

mangled motorcars are trying to collide
the doors are peeling off their hinges
a flicker down the hall
a candle on my skull
'til it wakes me up
and puts us further in
into the red again
you're underneath my skin
i cannot shake it off

deep into the field, embedded in the ground
my body splayed in four directions
Track Name: {a heart like} The Bermuda Triangle
trees trees trees and trees
all you can see
blind blind blinding in between
and then you see more of the same

i won't be the cans you drag
behind the car
i'll be the gasoline

you really turn the switch off on my sensory
you can burn me up all night
i don't feel the heat
until the aftermath
i can't identify the scent
the fireplace again

you're staring rabidly down at my veins
the voracious licking of the lips
it's only one of your many addictions
i'm fading away from the fix

i won't be the cans you drag
behind the car
i'll be the gasoline
Track Name: Harbinger Of Pulchritude
sing yourself a lullaby
until i will arrive
put hands along your hips
until i come tonight

paint sprayed flecks over the bed
and when i'm in the room
drown the tenitis out
and once i've made it there

put something into my drink
i don't know the last time
i wasn't dead asleep
it shatters now with you
Track Name: Nyctophobia
in the picture
something over your shoulder
wait, no, listen...
can you hear a noise?

get the light
don't come on
forget the light

we stop breathing
then you'll hear a whisper
we stop moving
something in the room

i want you to be
the last thing i feel
the sun can't come up
slow enough

after the fact
you're finding strands of hair on the mattress
the reflection
is closer than you think